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My name is Samantha Handwerk and I am a married, stay at home mom in my mid 20s.  I have a beautiful 3 year old girl named Kairi (Ky-ree) and I have a cute little Peke-a-Pom dog named Jaster.  Within the last year I have discovered an inner desire to cook more things from home for several reasons:

  1. I feel accomplished when I eat something that I made.
  2. I save a lot of money cooking from home instead of eating out.
  3. My daughter loves to help me cook.
  4. My husband loves it when I cook for him.

Feel free to subscribe to me.  My blog posts will be things like taking easy box meals from the store and adding something extra to make them a bit more special, making copy cat recipes from restaurants, making homemade meals, and trying new things.  That’s why I call myself Meals Made At Home.  Sometimes the phrase ‘homemade’ can scare people because they think everything should be from scratch.  As great as that is, I certainly don’t have time to cook that way all the time and I bet you’re the same way.

So if you’re looking for easy, fun, cheap, and quick meals, you’ve come to the right place.  So sit back and stay awhile!


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